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Need a Christmas Gift for the Golfer in Your Life?

Great for Corporate Golf Gifts

If you know a golf junky consider a Players Towel as a Christmas gift. The company was created by Patrick Levine, a former desert resident, and LPGA Tour Caddie. Frustrated by the lack of a decent towel available, Patrick formed Players Towel.

What makes these towels unique is they were the first to feature a waffled micro-fiber design which maximizes cleaning capacity and moisture absorption. Anyone who plays golf knows how important it is to have dry, clean hands and hitting surfaces.

Tons of Customization Options Available

But what makes Players Towel a great gift is its personalization. You can do some really cool custom stuff from logos to fonts and more. If you don’t have a logo, you are offered dozens of stock logo options to ensure your towel is 100% unique.

Great for Corporate Golf Gifts
Great for Corporate Golf Gifts

Best of all, for around $30, Players Towel qualifies as a bargain in my book. Find another custom golf product and, by the time your done ordering, your cart is over $100. As a golfer, I can tell you this would top about anything out there, especially for the price. I’ve got 5 of them and I love them all.

The “Putter Slit” is an option caddies love.

It’s not surprising that Players Towel has taken off in the world of professional golf. It’s certainly one of top (if not the #1) accessories on all tours. In fact, Phil Mickelson,¬†Gary Woodland, and seemingly most of the LPGA Tour has been seen with Players Towels draped over their caddy’s shoulders.

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